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Orthognathic Surgery
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3D illustration of a mandible. Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a specialized corrective procedure for addressing misalignments between the upper and lower jaws. These alignment problems can cause various issues, including difficulty chewing, speaking, and even breathing. If you struggle with misaligned jaws, Greeley Orthodontics can assess, diagnose, and recommend effective solutions. Orthognathic surgery is a comprehensive treatment plan that usually involves collaboration between oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental practitioners. Jaw surgery is not a stand-alone procedure, as it involves a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, followed by orthodontic treatment to prepare the teeth for surgery. At Greeley Orthodontics, we understand the intricacies of this invasive treatment, giving you peace of mind as you start the journey to improved oral health and quality of life.

How Do People Develop Jawbone Problems?

Jaw bone problems can develop because of various factors, including genetics, injury, developmental abnormalities, and certain medical conditions. Sometimes, individuals may inherit skeletal inconsistencies that increase the risk of jaw misalignments. In addition, people who experience traumatic injuries, such as fractures or dislocations, are susceptible to jaw alignment issues.

In rare cases, developmental abnormalities during childhood or adolescence, such as uneven growth of the jaw bones, can exacerbate these issues. Regardless of the cause, Greeley Orthodontics can help you regain oral function, health, and self-confidence. Dental professionals can assess the severity of your problem before recommending viable solutions like surgery.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Having Orthognathic Surgery?

If you are cleared for orthognathic surgery, there are several crucial factors to consider. As mentioned, a comprehensive evaluation by a dental specialist, such as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, can determine if surgery is necessary and appropriate for your specific condition. During this initial assessment, your dentist will check the severity of your jaw misalignment, the impact on your bite, speech, and facial aesthetics, as well as any underlying dental or skeletal issues. Additionally, you will be provided vital information, such as potential risks and benefits of the surgery. This includes anesthesia-related complications, infection, nerve damage, and the possibility of requiring additional procedures.

Understanding the expected outcomes and realistic expectations regarding post-surgical recovery and results is crucial. Orthognathic surgery usually involves a significant commitment of time and resources, including pre-surgical orthodontic treatment and downtime. Prospective patients for jaw surgery should consider the financial, emotional, and logistical aspects of undergoing such a procedure to make an informed decision.

What Happens Before Jaw Surgery?

Before undergoing jaw surgery, there are several preparatory steps to ensure a successful procedure and your safety. Orthognathic surgery entails a comprehensive evaluation by a team of dental specialists, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental practitioners. This involves a detailed assessment of your dental and skeletal alignment, facial proportions, and functional concerns such as chewing and speaking difficulties. In case of misaligned teeth, the experts at Greeley Orthodontics can recommend treatment to align the teeth and create an optimal bite position before surgery.

It is usual for dental experts to leverage advanced imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, and facial photographs to plan the surgical procedure precisely. Additionally, patients are educated about the surgical process, including the expected outcomes, potential risks and complications, and post-operative recovery. Like most invasive procedures, pre-operative evaluations are conducted to ensure patients are in good overall health to tolerate anesthesia and surgery. Once you are briefed on what to expect, your orthodontist or dental specialist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. This goes a long way to achieve the best possible outcomes from jaw surgery.

FAQs About Jaw/Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw surgery is a significant procedure that can address various concerns, from correcting misalignments to structural issues in the jaw. It can also rectify oral functional difficulties such as chewing and speaking. If you are considering jaw surgery, you likely have questions about the process. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you better understand what to expect:

Will I Need Orthodontic Treatment Before my Jaw Surgery?

Yes, orthodontic treatment is usually required before jaw surgery. During the preparatory phase, orthodontic treatment helps align the teeth and create an optimal bite position, facilitating the surgical correction of the underlying skeletal discrepancy. Orthodontic treatment may involve wearing braces or using other orthodontic appliances to move the teeth into the desired positions gradually. The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the complexity of the case and the extent of tooth movement required. Your orthodontist will work closely with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to coordinate the timing of orthodontic treatment and surgery for optimal results.

Is There Anything I Should Do to Prepare for Jaw Surgery?

There are several steps you can take to prepare for orthognathic surgery and ensure a smooth recovery. Closely follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider, including any pre-operative dietary restrictions and medication guidelines. You may be advised to avoid certain medications, such as blood thinners, in the days before the surgery to minimize the risk of excessive bleeding. It is also crucial to maintain good oral hygiene to reduce the risk of infection after surgery. In addition, you may need to make arrangements for transportation to and from the surgical facility on the day of the procedure, as well as for someone to assist you during the initial stages of recovery.

What Happens After Jaw Surgery?

After jaw surgery, you can expect a recovery period in which you will follow specific guidelines to promote healing and minimize discomfort. While you are expected to experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the jaw area initially, you can manage the pain with prescribed medications and cold compresses. We recommend following a soft diet consisting of liquids and pureed foods for the first few days following surgery, allowing you to transition to more delicate, solid foods as tolerated. The dental specialist will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed. As the swelling subsides and the jaw heals, you will gradually notice improvements in your bite, facial symmetry, and overall oral function with time.

Orthognathic surgery offers a transformative solution for individuals suffering from jaw misalignment, providing functional improvements and enhancing facial aesthetics and overall quality of life. The professionals at Greeley Orthodontics leverage this comprehensive treatment approach to address a wide range of issues related to jaw discrepancies. Contact us at 484-346-6008 to overcome the challenges associated with jaw misalignment and enjoy improved oral health and well-being.

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