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Dental Technologies

Dental technician working with our scannerAt Greeley Orthodontics, we stay up-to-date with the most advanced technologies and techniques to provide optimal care. From minor procedures to long-term treatment plans, our cutting-edge technology allows for superior comfort, safety, convenience, and effectiveness. If you are looking for innovative orthodontics, you have come to the right place!

iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner

We use a wand-like device, known as the iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner, to produce high-quality digital impressions. An iTero impression is typically used to design clear aligner trays. Each tray in your series is custom-fit to slowly move your teeth to the proper position.

Digital X-rays

Traditional x-rays required a chemical film development process that is tedious, time-consuming, and harmful to the environment. These days, we use digital x-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning. Instead of film, digital x-rays use an electronic sensor to capture images of your mouth. They have many advantages over traditional methods, including higher-quality images, less radiation omission, and instant development!


VPro High Frequency Vibration Device

VPRO is a high frequency vibration device that is used to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. It is a comfortable oral device that can be used at home for 5 minutes per day. It improves patient comfort during orthodontic treatment but studies show that it reduces treatment time, improve the fit of aligners and improve response to other orthodontics forces. Using the VPRO while wearing retainers has also been shown to improve retention of your orthodontic result.

damon bracket

Damon Bracket System

At Greeley Orthodontics, we use the most efficient bracket system (Damon Ultima) that is available in the industry today. The bracket appearance is sleek, the surfaces comfortable, and the wires systems are very efficient. All these improvements produce a gentle force and minimize the time needed to move your teeth.

ultima logo

The Damon Ultima System is an improved version of traditional braces and wires. The system is designed to keep tooth-moving forces light and kind to your teeth and bone to minimize discomfort. The system’s specially designed wires are more efficient than traditional wires and move treatment along with a minimum of friction to shorten the time in treatment.

Damon systems logo
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