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All About Orthodontic Treatment Using Braces or Aligners:
Kennett Square, PA

Smile with braces.There are several ways to move teeth and improve your oral health. Greeley Orthodontics offers aligners using Invisalign and Spark aligners, Damon Ultima Braces in stainless steel and Damon clear ceramic braces. We will help you determine which system is the best for you to attain your treatment goals.

Adult Orthodontics

Simply put, adult orthodontics is geared toward patients older than 18. This is an important distinction because, in the past, orthodontics was mostly oriented toward children, especially when it comes to traditional braces. Adult patients were less enthusiastic about wearing traditional braces because they believed it affected their facial aesthetics. The good news is that adult orthodontics fixes many of these problems by introducing modern devices such as clear aligners and Damon braces. Moreover, the social stigma around adults wearing braces is dying down, and it is completely normal for someone over the age of 18 to be seen wearing braces. Thanks to the specialized experience of professionals like Dr. Greeley and Dr. Connie Greeley at Greeley Orthodontics, patients of all age groups can improve the quality of their lives through orthodontics. Braces for adults are now a real thing and can be used to treat various tooth alignment issues.

Braces: Brackets and Wires

Brackets are attachments that are placed directly on teeth to produce tooth movement when wires are placed in the brackets. Over the past 150 years, brackets and wires have undergone enormous changes, all directed at improving appearances, lessening forces applied and improving outcomes.

Damon Ultima Braces System

At Greeley Orthodontics, we use the most efficient bracket system (Damon Ultima) that is available in the industry today. The bracket appearance is sleek, the surfaces comfortable and the wires systems are very efficient. All these improvements produce a gentle force and minimize the time needed to move your teeth.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Fortunately, The Damon System does offer ceramic brackets as a good option to stainless steel brackets. These brackets are loss detectable than steel and can be a nice choice for patients who require brackets and wires to achieve their treatment goals.

Clear Aligners: Invisalign and Spark

Clear aligners are a great alternative to using braces to move your teeth. Many patients, including those who previously had braces, can benefit from using aligners to address concerns with their smile and function. Aligners can also be effective for teenagers and can even be used for some early phase treatment. Wearing aligners offers a way for you to move your teeth undetected. Commitment to wearing the aligners is an important consideration when choosing this option. Although some treatment plans are too complex for aligner therapy, improvement in aligner technology makes it effective for an increasing number of patients. See Dr. Greeley’s articles: Can Plastic Really Move Teeth and Look What Plastic Can Do on this website.


Typically, retainers are used to hold teeth in positions once tooth movement is completed. Retainers are designed to keep your smile and function optimal. Retainers can be glued in behind your teeth for 24/7 retention, or they can be removable for daytime or nighttime wear. Keeping your result is very important to us so we always design your retainers to best maintain your great smile. See Dr. Greeley’s article: The Key to Maintaining Your new Smile on this website.

Retainers as tooth movers
Sometimes “retainers” can be used as active tooth moving appliances if the necessary movement can be accomplished.

Greeley Orthodontics offers a variety of different teeth straightening treatment plans that can be customized and tailored to our patient’s needs. Call us at 484-346-6008 and we can accommodate your journey to a perfect smile.

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All About Orthodontic Treatment Kennett Square, PA - Greeley Orthodontics
There are several ways to move teeth and improve your oral health. Greeley Orthodontics offers aligners using Invisalign and Spark aligners, Damon Ultima Braces in stainless steel and Damon clear ceramic braces.
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