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How Does Tightening Brace Wires Make Teeth Move?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
How Does Tightening Brace Wires Make Teeth Move?Braces are dental appliances used to straighten misaligned teeth. One thing you should know about getting braces is that it is an active treatment. After getting braces installed, it is not a permanent placement because you will have to come in regularly for our professionals to check the treatment progress. During such visits, our professionals pay attention to your orthodontic needs throughout the treatment period and make necessary adjustments along the way. This is mainly done to maintain its effectiveness. Perhaps, the most crucial part of this procedure is the tightening of your braces. This is mostly done between weeks 6 and 8 after getting your new braces.

Effects of Tightening Braces

The purpose of braces is to realign your jaw and teeth by slowly moving them to correct the malocclusion. They also fix dental problems like misaligned teeth. Typically, braces are made up of a few components. These components keep the braces firm and stable on your teeth.

There are braces fused to your teeth with wires for durability. These wires put pressure on the braces and can slowly shift their position. The pressure exerted on these wires is so intense that they will need to be tightened. If not fixed, they could loosen up, rendering them useless. In most cases, the process of tightening braces involves the removal of elastics that keep them in place. This distorts the stability of your teeth and leads to shifting. That's why, sometimes, tightening brace wires can lead to teeth shifting.

This doesn't mean that tightening braces is not helpful. In fact, tightening braces help keep them in good condition for a longer time. It also ensures that they perform their functions effectively. After tightening the braces, our professionals will ensure that your teeth are back in their correct position. Visit our offices for all your braces-related needs.

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