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Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Smile: Combat Halitosis If You Wear Braces

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Evan
Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Smile: Combat Halitosis If You Wear BracesBad breath is a one-way ticket to being self-conscious any time you are around other people. Wearing braces increases your likelihood of having bad breath. The reason is that the hardware of braces often makes it easy for food particles to get trapped underneath the wires and brackets. Bacteria in the mouth break down these food particles, and the by-product is an unpleasant smell known as bad breath or halitosis. If you are more prone to bad breath because you wear braces, do not worry. Here are a few things that can help combat halitosis if you have oral appliances.

Do your Oral Hygiene Religiously

Bacteria and plaque are the prime culprits to bad breath. Wearing braces helps straighten your teeth, however, these oral appliances can add more spaces for bacteria to breed and plaque to form. As a result, you increase your chances of having bad breath. Make sure you brush after having meals and floss between each tooth at least once to eradicate bacteria and plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar. Follow up with antimicrobial mouthwash for extra freshness.

Stay Hydrated

People who experience dry mouth persistently find themselves dealing with bad breath. Without sufficient saliva, bacteria will thrive and contribute to bad breath. Saliva flow provides a natural way of sweeping away bacteria from the mouth. Staying hydrated helps you produce an adequate quantity of saliva to ensure your mouth is properly moisturized. Therefore, drink plenty of water.

Watch out for Foods You Eat

Foods like onions and garlic lend themselves to increased pungent breath. Besides these foods, sugars can also increase bacteria in your mouth. It is best you avoid sugary foods as well as drinks. Also, sticky foods can present problems because they tend to be tough to remove. Avoid them too. Find out more about living with braces. Contact us today or schedule an appointment with our orthodontics team.

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