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Do Orthodontics Fix Crossed Bites?

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Evan
Do Orthodontics Fix Crossed Bites?A crossbite happens when your teeth are not aligned properly. This dental condition is evident if your upper teeth fit behind your lower teeth. While similar to an underbite, a crossbite only impacts a group of teeth. An underbite means that your entire lower jaw sits outside of your upper teeth. In a crossbite, the teeth in the front of mouth or in the back of your mouth can be affected. There are two classifications for crossbites. A posterior crossbite refers to the lower teeth in the back of your mouth fitting over the teeth in your top jaw. An anterior crossbite occurs when a group of teeth in the bottom front of your mouth fits over the teeth of your top jaw.

Crossbites Can Be Fixed

An orthodontist is the top dental practitioner to see if you have a crossbite. Most people associate orthodontists with straightening teeth. However, we can do much more than that. In our office, we commonly see patients with cross bites. A crossbite will not resolve itself on its own, but with orthodontic treatment we have seen fantastic results.

Depending on the severity of your crossbite, we will most likely suggest some type of orthodontic appliance. A pallet expander is an appliance we use to expand the upper jaw and allow the lower teeth to fit inside the upper teeth. We also use braces to align teeth. In some mild cases, a crossbite can be corrected with Invisalign, a different method of braces.

If you suspect a crossbite, the most important thing you can do is make an appointment with our office staff. We routinely check for cross bites and have helped many patients to achieve both an aesthetic smile, and functional alignment. We would welcome the chance to assess your mouth, and our passionate team is ready to help you.

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