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Why Is There Such a Large Range for Straightening Time?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Evan
Why Is There Such a Large Range for Straightening Time?Everyone wants their teeth as straight as possible in the least amount of time, but it takes longer for some people than it does for others. The time that it takes to straighten your teeth depends on several factors, from your age to the severity of your misalignment; keep reading to discover all the reasons why your teeth might be taking a little longer to straighten-up than your friends did.

Not All Teeth, and Not All Straightening Methods are the Same

It may not come as a surprise to you, but there are many different severities of misalignment that people are treat for with braces. In general, the more crooked and misaligned your teeth, the more time the orthodontist needs to spend tweaking them to get them straightened. While the average time that people wear braces is between one and three years, your mouth may be easier or more difficult to work on and so it is important to remember that this is an average.

The next factor that determines the amount of time that you spend with your braces is your age; younger people have jaws and tissues that are still growing, so their treatments times are typically less. Additionally, they have better mouth strength than elderly people, so more drastic pressures can be applied to speed-up the rate at which their teeth shift. The type of braces or alignment trays that you use will also play an important factor in how long your treatment takes; traditional metal braces can apply greater forces and in more specific directions than alignment trays, so they could be the quickest, but people who use these braces typically have more severe misalignments and require more time.

Call to schedule an appointment so that you can get an expert opinion on your particular situation, because it is important to choose the best option for delivering the end results that you want. We hope that this information was helpful, and we look forward to seeing you.

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