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How Orthodontics Can Correct Speech Problems

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Greeley Orthodontics
A young person with clear alignersMisaligned jaws or teeth alter the positioning of your mouth, tongue, and lips, affecting speech. Issues like lisps, mumbling, or unclear pronunciation stem from structural irregularities interfering with normal language development. Thankfully, modern orthodontic treatment offers an effective remedy.

Impact of Skeletal and Dental Misalignment

In some patients, discrepancies in the sizes or proportions of their upper and lower jaws lead to overbites, underbites, or abnormal spacing between teeth. Genetics, injuries, airway issues, or detrimental oral habits like thumb-sucking are often to blame.

Such underlying skeletal and dental irregularities make it challenging to form speech sounds accurately. Faulty contact between the tongue, lips, and teeth impairs the ability to articulate words precisely. Compensatory bad speech patterns then become ingrained and difficult to correct.

How Braces and Aligners Help

While many envision orthodontics primarily as improving smiles, a key benefit lies in enabling proper pronunciation. Aligning misaligned teeth and adjusting gaps between the upper and lower jaws helps overcome structural barriers to clear speech.

Braces and clear aligners gradually guide teeth into their optimal positions, restoring proper physiological alignment. Straight teeth, expanded dental arches, and corrected bites together facilitate greatly enhanced ease, clarity, and quality of speech.

Creates Space for Proper Tongue Placement

Once underlying skeletal and dental issues are corrected, the tongue has ample room to adopt proper positioning. Accurate tongue placement lets air flow smoothly to make vowel sounds. Well-aligned front teeth enhance the clarity of consonant sounds like an S, resulting in distinct pronunciation rather than being muffled or unclear.

Eliminates Compensatory Habits

Moreover, when spacing problems get fixed, people stop compensating by thrusting their tongues forward or adapting atypical lip postures when speaking. Gradually, with orthodontic intervention, they can drop detrimental speech habits and pronunciation improves.

Orthodontic Intervention From a Young Age Is Key

Seeking orthodontic evaluation and possible early treatment while still growing gives developing children the best chance at outgrowing speech challenges alongside their smiles. Contact us today to learn more about interceptive treatment options to set your child up for communication success!

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