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Can Pushing Your Teeth Straighten Them?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Blonde haired woman smiling in a dental chair, before treatment. Pushing your teeth is not a good way to straighten them. The inconsistent pressure applied to teeth through manual pushing can distort and damage teeth, jaws, and gums.

DIY Teeth Straightening

According to the Scientific American, 9 in 10 people grapple with at least one misaligned tooth at some point. This high prevalence of teeth misalignment has led to the proliferation of numerous teeth straightening strategies. Some of these are medically approved, while a good number are unconventional. One of the common DIY teeth straightening strategies is pushing. Pushing entails exerting pressure on the misaligned tooth to try and push it to the desired position.

One of the most common DIY teeth-pushing techniques is mewing. Mewing entails using the tongue to exert pressure at the base of a tooth to try and move it to a desired position. However, those who have tried this technique can attest that it does not work. The tongue is not strong enough to push healthy teeth into position. However, are there some teeth-pushing techniques that do work?

Can Pushing Teeth With a Finger Straighten Them?

After the tongue, the second-best choice to push your tongue would be a finger. Still, the main problem is inconsistent pressure application to the tooth, which creates a risk of pushing a tooth too much or too little, which will not resolve the problem. Using a finger to push teeth into position could also completely dislodge or break the tooth. This happens when too much pressure is applied to the tooth. Mechanical objects should be avoided at all costs, for these carry an even greater risk of injury and damage to teeth.

Are DIY Aligners Effective?

Clear aligners are a better teeth-alignment option. They are custom-made trays that fit into your dental structure and align teeth by exerting controlled pressure on different teeth. Home-made DIY kits can help you align your teeth with little fuss. However, improper use of these trays also poses a danger to the teeth.

Manually pushing teeth to straighten them will most likely damage your teeth, distort them further, and not work at all. Consult with a professional dental practitioner for safer teeth alignment options.

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