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Keeping Teeth Straight After Braces

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of a woman smiling with a dental professional, at Greeley Orthodontics. While many believe that orthodontic treatment ensures a permanently straight smile, it is essential to remember a few key things post-treatment. Braces guide teeth to achieve straight alignment, but once removed, no permanent attachment holds them in place. Without the guidance of the braces, teeth may shift, although these shifts are often subtle and not immediately noticeable. However, specific situations could arise post-treatment, turning previously straight teeth into crooked ones. Here are ways to ensure your teeth are straight after braces:

Wear Removable Retainers

After removing braces, clear plastic retainers are commonly utilized on both the upper and lower teeth. While removed during meals and teeth cleaning, they are typically worn daily and at night to maintain the teeth in corrected positions. After a few months, there is often a transition to wearing the retainers only at night to preserve the achieved teeth alignment.

Wear Fixed Retainers

Without a retainer, there is a heightened risk of bottom teeth becoming misaligned again post-braces. To address this, some individuals choose a fixed wire on the inner side of their lower teeth to maintain alignment. This wire is typically a permanent fixture or remains in place for several years. Various fixed retainers are available, and your orthodontist will recommend the most suitable option for your needs.

Adhere to Regular Check-ups

Regular dental check-ups every six months are essential. During these visits, our dentist will monitor the emergence of wisdom teeth and assess for signs of gum disease. If either situation arises, the dentist can guide you through the necessary steps to maintain the straightness of your teeth.

Wear Mouthguards

If you experience bruxism (teeth grinding), it is advisable to wear a mouthguard. A custom-made mouthguard designed to fit your mouth can enhance comfort during nighttime teeth grinding or clenching. Consult with your dentist to have one tailored to your needs.

After completing treatment with braces, you need to find the best ways to ensure your teeth remain straight. Contact our orthodontist for professional guidance.

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