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How are Permanent Retainers Fixed?

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Image of a hand holding a clear retainer at Greeley Orthodontics. Permanent retainers are dental appliances that an orthodontist attaches to the back of your teeth to help assist in the alignment of your teeth. They are typically attached after an orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign or braces, to maintain the targeted alignment. Retainers are engineered with a thin wire made of stainless steel, which is attached to the lingual surfaces of your teeth. Fixed retainers are a long-term solution to prevent your teeth from shifting after an orthodontic treatment. The process of fixing retainers typically involves the following:


The process will start with a consultation with your orthodontist after your Invisalign and braces treatment is complete. An orthodontist carefully evaluates the current alignment of your teeth to determine if the retainers are needed to prevent shifting or relapse.


Suppose a permanent retainer is needed for your teeth. An orthodontist takes impressions or digital scans of your teeth and engineers custom retainers that match the exact contour of your teeth. Your orthodontist then proceeds to clean and dry your teeth. They first apply an etching solution to your teeth to create a rough surface. An adhesive is then applied to the back of your teeth. A custom retainer is then positioned on the adhesive. They then use a unique light to cure and harden the adhesive.


The next step is bonding the retainer permanently on your teeth. This is done on the backside of your lower front teeth, as it is considered an area with the highest risk of relapse. In some instances, retainers can also be attached to the upper front teeth.

Checking the Bite

After finishing the bonding process, a dental expert ensures the retainer does not interfere with the biting process. They must ensure that your teeth move harmoniously and can come together correctly. After the attachment of the retainer, you must ensure you maintain adequate oral hygiene.

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