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Does Getting Invisalign Hurt?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Andrew Admin
Image of a person holding Invisalign, at Greeley Orthodontics in Kennett Square, PA.Invisalign stands as one of the widely used orthodontic treatment options. It utilizes a sequence of transparent, removable aligners to efficiently correct dental misalignments and align your teeth. When receiving Invisalign aligners, you have to experience some degree of discomfort or mild soreness. This is particularly so during the initial days of using a new set of aligners or following adjustments. Nonetheless, this discomfort is usually mild and temporary. The level of discomfort felt during Invisalign treatment can also vary based on an individual's pain tolerance. In some cases, there may be no discomfort at all. But generally, the pain is less severe than the discomfort linked with conventional braces.

Why Do Invisalign Hurt

The Invisalign treatment method works by applying gentle pressure to your teeth, progressively shifting them toward their intended positions. This pressure may lead to some discomfort, particularly when initiating the use of a new set of aligners. As you change to a fresh set of aligners, your teeth are adapting to a new alignment. This changeover can result in feelings of soreness or tenderness.

Another reason why Invisalign hurts is due to the edges. The edges of Invisalign aligners may sometimes create friction against your cheeks or tongue. This may result in slight irritation until your mouth becomes accustomed to them. Certain Invisalign treatments necessitate the use of attachments. These are tiny tooth-colored bumps affixed to your teeth to assist with specific adjustments. The attachments might cause minor discomfort initially.

Please note that during the initial adjustment period, you might encounter some difficulties when speaking or eating. However, any discomfort related to Invisalign is typically temporary and diminishes within a few days as your mouth adapts to the aligners. Over-the-counter pain relievers and orthodontic wax can be useful in relieving any sore spots or irritation.

If you encounter persistent pain during Invisalign treatment, reach out to our orthodontist promptly. They will evaluate your condition to ensure that your treatment is advancing as intended. They will also make any required modifications to reduce discomfort.

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