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Can I have an anesthetic when pregnant?

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
Can I have an anesthetic when pregnant?Dental treatments are no longer as traumatic and painful as they were in the past. The painless and efficient treatments can be attributed greatly to the use of anesthesia during the treatment process. The use of anesthesia is generally safe for most groups. However, when it comes to pregnant women our team of dental experts has to exercise more caution.

Local versus general anesthetic

Dentists use local anesthetics for needed dental treatment even while pregnant. Local anesthesia is safe since only a part of your mouth will be numb to allow for the dental procedure. General anesthesia on the other hand renders you completely unconscious and unaware of what is happening in your immediate surroundings. In as much as the impact differs from one person to another, doctors discourage the use of general anesthesia while pregnant. If the treatment requires the use of general anesthesia is not all that fundamental, then delaying the treatment until after delivery is a better choice. Sedation can reduce the tension that comes with dental visits. However, it causes drowsiness which can be harmful to pregnant women. Other options that one can explore to lessen dental anxiety are such as listening to your favorite genre of music or acupuncture for others. Either way, informing our dentists that you are pregnant is paramount in mapping out a treatment option.

Vital tips to put your mind at ease

While pregnant, the doctor will administer minimum anesthesia but sufficient enough to make you comfortable every step of the way. If you experience pain during the treatment you can always request our doctors to add a little extra numbing.

Our dentists understand that the more comfortable you are during the dental work the more stress-free you and your unborn child will be. Additionally, anesthesia works best when you are comfortable and relaxed. We hope that this information puts your mind at ease and that you need not worry about your next dental visit. Visit our offices today for a more personalized approach.

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