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The role of dental wax in orthodontic treatment

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
The role of dental wax in orthodontic treatmentDo you know how braces and aligners work to restore teeth positioning to give you that straight, conspicuous perfect smile? They work by slowly realigning your teeth into that straight position. However, sometimes during the treatment period, you may experience some scratching or rubbing against the soft tissues in your mouth. Other times, if you wear braces, they could snap and thus expose protruding wires and brackets. Well, in such scenarios dental wax comes in handy to address the gap as you schedule a clinic for readjustment.


Dental wax is useful in orthodontic treatment to ensure quick adaptability of the braces after the procedure. Dental wax shields the tissues in the mouth from being rubbed which can be quite uncomfortable. Additionally, in case one of the brackets in the braces become loose, dental wax is used to cover the edge and thus provide instant relief.

Wax separates the braces from the teeth. Dental wax is a perfect short-term solution. It is meant to alleviate discomfort until you get to see the dentist for repositioning and adjustment. During the first few days of getting braces or any other dental appliance, both the tongue and the cheeks are prone to sensitivity due to the introduction of a foreign appliance in the mouth. With the help of dental wax, it becomes easier to speak, eat and conduct normal functions in the mouth.

Alleviate damage to dental appliances

Besides the fact that dental wax protects the soft tissues, it also prevents damage to dental devices such as braces. Orthodontic dental wax helps to hold the loose or broken wires in place until the repair is done. In other cases, dental wax is used collaboratively with other orthodontic treatment materials. One example is the use of elastics aimed at aligning the teeth to the jaws. Overall, dental wax is an important item to have while undergoing orthodontic treatment. It will help reduce discomfort and facilitate a faster recovery. We have plenty of dental wax in store for treatment and emergency purposes. Our doctors will advise you on how to apply it in case of any emergency while at home.

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