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Are There Solutions For Crowded Teeth?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Evan
 Are There Solutions For Crowded Teeth?Adults often struggle with issues around their crowded teeth. Crowded teeth not only look unsightly but can also cause real dental problems later. If you are tired of looking at your crowded teeth, here are some solution suggestions.

Why Are Crowded Teeth An Issue?

Crowded teeth cause two major problems for your overall oral health. First, crowded teeth make it very difficult to maintain your oral health because it is difficult to brush and floss them. If you can't brush and floss your teeth well, you may be at risk for both tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, this can lead to tooth loss and gum infections. Also, severely crowded teeth can chip, break, and crack more easily than teeth that are regularly spaced because the teeth are under more pressure.


If you have severely crowded teeth, the dentist may suggest you wear braces. Adults don't have to wear the same traditional, mouthful-of-metal braces that teenagers often wear. You may be able to have ceramic braces or clear braces, which are far less visible than traditional braces. Adults with tooth-crowding issues can also opt for lingual braces, which fit behind your teeth rather than in front of your teeth. This makes your braces nearly invisible. However, if you opt for lingual braces, you will need to make sure you brush and floss well.

Adults who only have tooth spacing issues rather than tooth spacing and bite issues can choose clear aligners. Clear aligners are a great solution for tooth spacing because you can remove them to eat and drink. These aligners also make keeping your teeth brushed and flossed easier because you can remove them to clean your teeth. They are also made from clear plastic, which makes them very difficult to see. Clear aligners also can cut months off your treatment time.

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